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CHSS Services

Community Housing and Shelter Services staff are available to assist you in finding shelter for you and your family.  There are various programs that can help prevent homelessness depending on your unique situation.  Below are the programs CHSS offers.

Emergency Shelter Services


Temporary Emergency Shelter Services are available to families with minor children who qualify:


  • ·Families must be homeless;

  • ·Families must be residents of Stanislaus County;

  • Other requirements may apply.

To find out if you are eligible for Emergency Shelter Services, you can call or come in to the office to meet with a Shelter Services Case Manager.


An appointment is NOT necessary to meet with a Shelter Services Case         

Housing Counseling Services


Housing Counseling Services are only provided to Emergency Shelter Clients. 


The services include information on obtaining housing such as:


  • Weekly and bi-weekly listings;

  • Landlord/tenant rights;

  • Information on housing discrimination;

  • Housing search workshops;

  • Listings of property owners and property managers who will work with individuals who have bad credit or evictions;

  • Budgeting workshops;

  • Individual case management;

  • Resource Referrals;

  • Employment resources.

Rental Assistance


Rental Assistance Services are provided to those who qualify AND when funding allows.

Assistance may be provided if the following criteria are met:

Families are moving into a rental unit but cannot afford all move-in costs

  • Rent must not exceed 80% of total income;

  • You must have possession of a valid rental agreement;

  • You cannot move-in, move


Belongings into the rental or onto the property, or accept keys to your rental until your application for rental assistance is Approved;

Families have received a 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit and need assistance in order to avoid eviction, and:

  • Rent must not exceed 80% of your total verifiable income;

  • You must not owe any prior rent;

  • You must have had a verifiable emergency   expense or loss of income which occurred in the previous month;

Families need assistance with a mortgage payment

  • You must meet all criteria as listed below the 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit section above.


Instructions for the Rental Assistance Line:

  1. Call 209-527-0415

  2. Clearly and slowly leave your name and telephone number

  3. You will receive a call back from one of our case managers within 24-48 hours.

Permanent Supportive Housing


Eligibility: Permanent Housing for Chronically Homeless Program



The household meet the following;

Meet the Chronically Homeless HUD definition with a family of at least one disabled adult head of Household and at least one minor child;


Families must meet the 50% below AMI to be income eligible;


Other requirements may apply.


Supportive Services include:

  • Individual case management services;

  • Assistance with establishing goals;

  • Resource Referrals;

  • Life skills.


Additional supportive services provided.

Please contact our office for Availability/Tenant Screening

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